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Mention whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F)

i.    A plant cell placed in hypotonic solution gets plasmolysed.   (T/F)
ii.   Addition of salt to pickles prevents growth of bacteria because they turn turgid. (T/F)
iii. Cells that have lost their water content are said to be deplasmolysed.  (T/F)
iv.  Xylem is the water conducting tissue in plants.   (T/F)
v.   The shrinkage of protoplasm, when a cell is kept in hypotonic solution.  (T/F)
vi.  The cell wall of the root cell is a differentially permeable membrane.  (T/F)

Dear Student,
1.False       -  It become deplasmolysed.(turgid)
2.False       - It is Because of plasmolysis. They turn flaccid.
3.False        -  It get plasmolysed.
5.False      - In Hypertonic solution.
6.False      - Fully permeable membrane
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4.true sry because i am from cbse board i dobt know the all answer of ur question
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Ok its not your fault and thanx for helping me
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Only iv is true
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2.false-because of plasmolysis.
5.false-hypertonic solution.
6.false-fully permeable membrane.
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Please find this answer

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