Turn the following into Indirect Speech:

1. 'Cheer up, mother, I'll go and get work somewhere,' said Jack.

2. But the sea-god cried,' Do not be afraid,noble prince. I have taken pity on you and will help you.'

3. 'No', said the child; 'I won't kneel, for if I do, I shall spoil my new breeches.'

4. 'What a horse they are losing for want of skill and spirit to manage him!' exclaimed Alexander.

5. Telemachus replied,'How can I drive away the mother,who bore me and nourished me?"

1. Jack told his mother to cheer up, he would go and get work somewhere.
2. But the sea-god told the noble prince not to be afraid. He had taken pity on him and would help him.
3. The child refused to kneel, for if he did, he would spoil his new breeches.
4. Alexander exclaimed that they were losing a remarkable horse for want of skill and spirit to manage him.
5. Telemachus asked how he could drive away the mother who had borne and nourished him.

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