Two blocks are connected by a string as shown in the diagram. The upper block is hung by another string. A force F applied on the upper string produces an acceleration of 2 m/s2 in the upward direction in both the blocks. If T and T' be the tensions in the two parts of the string, then

(a) T = 70.8N and T' = 47.2 N                    (b) T = 58.8 N  and T' = 47.2 N
(c) T = 70.8 N and T' = 58.8 N                   (d) T = 58.8 N and T' = 58.8 N

Dear Student

Considering common acceleration a of the system. See the below free diagram

F-M1+M2g = M1+M2aF-(4+2)g =(4+2)aF-6g =6aF =6 (g+a) =6 (9.8+2) F =T =70.8 NT' -4g =4aT' =4 (9.8 +2) =47.2N
So option a is right


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