Two blocks are in contact on a frictionless table. One has mass m and the other 2m. A force F is applied on 2m as shown in figure. Now the same force F is applied from the right on m. In the two cases the ratio of force of contact between the two blocks will be (1) 1 : 1 (2) 1 : 2 (3) 2 : 1 (4) 1 : 3

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If F is the applied force then acceleration of the system is F2m+m=F3m.
Now when we are applying the force from the left, the force applied on the block m is F3mm=F3. This will be the force in the contact.
When we apply the force from the right from on the block will be F3m2m=2F3, this will be the force on the contact then.
So the ratio is F3:2F3=1:2

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