two bodies are equilibrium when suspended in water from the arm of a balance.the mass of one body is 36g and its density is 9g/cm3

if the mass of the otheris 48g.what is its density

The information provided in the question is as follows:
Mass of body 1, m1 36 g
Density of body 1, ρ1 9 g/cm3
Mass of body 2, m2 48 g
The volume of body 1, V1=m1ρ1=369=4 cm3The weight of body 1 in the water,W1=m1g-V1ρwgThe weight of the body 2 in water,W2=m2g-V2ρwgAs the two weights balances each other, therefoW1=W2m1g-V1ρwg=m2g-V2ρwgm1-V1ρw=m2-V2ρw36-4=48-V2V2=48-32=16 cm3Therefore, the density of body 2,ρ2=m2V2=4816=3 g/cm3

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