two bodies of respective masses m and M are placed at a distance d apart the gravitational potential at the position where the gravitational field due to them is zero is what ? plz dont give links

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Let the point where the gravitational potential is zero be at a distance 'x' from the mass 'm':

At this point Gmx2= GM(d-x)2mx1=Md-x2d-xx=Mmdx=1+Mmx=d1+Mmx = dmm+Mnow,d-x = dMm+Mnow,V=-Gmx-GMd-xV= -Gmdmm+M - GMdMm+MV =-Gm×m+Mdm - GM×m+MdMV= -Gm×m+M×MdmM - GM×m+M×mdmMV = -GdmMm×m+M×M +M×m+M×m V = -GdmM(mmM + mM + mM + MmM )V= -GmMdmM(m+2mM+M)V = -Gd(m+M)2

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