Two cards are drawn from a well shuffled pack of 52 cards without

replacement .Find the probability that neither a jack nor a card of
spade is drawn.

probability of  getting a jack = 4/52

& probability of getting a spade without replacement = 12/ 51

so P(A)= (4/52) X (12/51)

  = 4/221

now probability of getting neither a jack nor a card of spade = 1 - 4/221 = 217/221 

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as i m little confused plzzzz  tell me if i m wrong

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If we select jack or spade we have 16 cards so for neither a jack nor spade we have 52-16 =36 36/52*35/51 =105/221 CHARANJIV SINGH SETHI 9811376290
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Experts ans
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Okay, So neither a spade nor a jack.

Total no. of cards in a deck=52=52

Number of spades=13=13

Total number of non-spades out of 5252 cards =52−13=39=52−13=39

Number of jack out of52 cards=4=4

Number of jack in each of three suits namely hearts, diamonds and clubs = 33

[Since,11jack is already included in the 13 spades so, here we will take number of jacks is 33]

Neither a spade nor a jack =39−3=36=39−3=36 cards in total.

Therefore, probability of getting ‘neither a spade nor a jack’=

Number of favorable outcomes



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