Two elements X and Y combine in a ratio 3:8 by mass and the compound 'Z' is formed. Z is one of the essential components of photosynthesis to take place. If Z is also one of the greenhouse gases:
1) Identify X,Y and Z.
2) Write the electronic configuration of X and Y.
3) Write the atomicity of the molecule Z.

The molecule Z is CO2
The atomic mass of C is 12 u and that of oxygen is 16 u. 
In CO2, carbon and oxygen are combined in a ratio of 12 : 32 by mass. 
Which on simplification yields 3 :8, hence both the elements are combined in a ratio of 3 : 8 by mass.
1. Hence, X is C, Y is O and Z is CO2.
2. Electronic configuration of X is 2,4 and that of Y is 2,6
3. The atomicity of Z (
CO2)is 3.  

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