two friends were passing through a dense forest . suddenly they heard some animal screaming ..... complete the story

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OK.I will try to complete it
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they ran away from the forest
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Please find this answer

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friends were passing through a dense forest.Suddenly they heard some animal screaming.Both of them got scared.The first friend climbed up the tree without caring of his other friend. The second friend kept on asking for help but the first friend didn't listen to him. Then he thought of an idea. He lay down on the ground pretending to be dead. Then soon a bear came there. He sniffed the second friend on the ground. As the second friend had stopped his breathe, the bear thought that he was dead, so he went away. After the bear went from there,the first friend came down and the second friend stood up. The second friend never forgave his friend because he had not helped him and acted very selfish.
Moral:Never leave your friends alone when they are in danger.
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