two parallel side of a trapezium are 60 amd 77 cm and other sides are 25 and 26 cm.find the area of the trapezium.

Draw a line DE parallel to AB and draw a perpendicular DF on CB.

It can be observed that ABED is a parallelogram.

BE = AD = 60 cm

ED = AB = 25 cm

EC = 77 − BE= 17 cm



By Heron’s formula,

Area of triangle

Area of ΔDEC =

=cm2= 204 cm2

Area of ΔDEC =

 Area of the trapezium ==



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its simple.1st u make a triangle at on sideof trapezium.then u find the area of that triangle.after finding the area u could easily find the height of triangle & that's only the height of trapezium..after that u apply the formula of area i.e. 1/2 * sum of || sides * height..

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