Two satellites are revolving around earth. Orbital radius and orbital velocity of the one satellite is R1 AND V1 respectively. Find the orbital radius of other satellite whose orbital velocity is v2.

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'V' is directly propotional to root of 'r'

Therefore, V1 / V2 = ROOT OF (R1 / R2) R2 = (R1*V12) / V22 (After squaring on both sides).Are you a Fitjee student ? Actually this question came in the Fitjee book, that's why .

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Centripetal force = mv^2/r So v^2 is directly proportional to r So v1^2/v2^2= r1/r2 So r2 = r1* v2^2/v1^2
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One correction... It will be v1^2/v2 ^2 = r2/r1 So r2 is r1*v1^2/ v2^2
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Yes I am a fiitjee student, I knew this question is in 9th phase 2 package
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Yes I m also a fiitjee student I also had doubt in it bt now it is cleared... It is phase 2 package of fiitjee
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This is the answer

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