two satellites of masses m1 and m2( m1>m2) are revolving aroumd the earth in ircular orbits of radii r1 and r2 (r1>r2 ) respectively. Which of the following is true regarding their respective speeds v1 and v2?
​A. v1=v2   B.v1>v2   C. v1<v2         D. cannot be predicted

Dear Student ,
As we know that the speed of the satellite revolving around the earth in a circular orbit is inversely proportional to the square root of the radius of the orbit .
As here in this case r1 > r2 .
So , v1v2=r2r1Now as  r1>r2So ,r2r1<1 .So here v1v2<1Therefore , v1<v2 .
So , C is the correct option .

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Velocity of a satellite is given by V = sqrt(GM/r) here G = gravitational constant, M = Mass of satellite, r = radius.

So, for satellite 1 V1 = sqrt(GM/r1) and for satellite 2 V2 = sqrt(GM/r2). Here I have assumed the mass of both the satellite two be same.

Divide the two equation and you will get your answer which is option B.

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