Two small balls having equal positive charge q coulomb are suspended by two insulating strings of equal length ' l ' meter from hook fixed to stand.The whole setup is taken in a satellite into sapce where there is no gravity. What is the angle between the two strings and the tension in each string?

Here, the angle between the two strings will be 180 degrees, while, the tension will be equal to the coulomb force of repulsion between the two positive charges. it will be


F = T = kq2 / r2 = kq2 / (2l)2   


here r = 2l, the distance between the two charges.

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oooooo...... intresting que. bro... 

 in the given setup the two charges will not be at rest they will exicute oscilation. thus the angle between the strings will not be constant, so we can predict it's no. of values. and as angle changes the tension in the string will also changes. 

hope this will help u.

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the angle made between two strings will be 180.

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