Two trains A and B each of length 100m running on parallel tracks.One overtakes other in 20seconds.One cross other in 10 seconds.Calculate velocity of each train.?

let velo of trains u and v m/s resp.rel.velo of overtaking =u - v and crossing = u +v, to. dist =100+100=200m , time = t. dist / velo = 20 =200 / u - v =u-v=10..(1) , and 10 = 200/u+v = u+v=20..(2) sol 1 2 u=15 m/s and v=5m/s

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A car is travelling on a straight level road with a speed of 60 km/hr is followed by another car B which is moving with a speed of 70 km/hr.When the distance between them is 2.5 km,The B car is given an deccelaration of 20km/hr.After what distance and time will the car B catch up with car A?

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what is th edifference between crossing and overtaking

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See this photo you will understand-

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let velocity of trains are u&v respectevly Relative velocity of train Aw.r.tB = u-v Relative velocity of train Bw.r.tA=u+v total distance=100+100=200 time taken by train Aw.r.tB= distance /time 20=200/u-v u-v=10m/s..............(1) time taken by trainBw.r.tA=distance/time 10=200/u-v u-v=20m/s.............(2) put (2)in(1) (20-v)-v=10 20-v-v=10 20-2v=10 -2v=-10 v=5m/s.................(3) put (3)in(1) u-5=10 u=15m/s
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Hi ans for the given ques
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Hlo guys here 's an answer

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