two trains A and B of length 400m each are moving on two parallel tracks with a uniform speed of 72 km/h in the same direction,with A ahead of B.The driver of B decides to overtake A andaccelerates by 1m/s^2.If after 50s ,the guard of B just brushes past the driver of A,what was the original distance between them?

but ans is 1250 m .....i think the question is saying the original distance between gaurd of B and driver of A
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as total s=x+800.. therefore just put the value of x ie., 450m so u will get 450+800=1250m
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No actually answer is 450
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no the answer is 1250m
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no it is 450
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Correct answer is 1250
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The answer is 1250
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Detailed explanation :

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answer is even don't know that and you call you self teachers
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