Two types of sound we cannot hear are ?

ultrasonic and infrasonic .
our audible range of listening is 20hz to 20khz

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The 2 types of sound we wont be able to hear are Ultrasonic and Infrasonic. You might ask what is the difference between Ultrasonic and Infrasonic waves. First of all we should understand Frequency.  Frequency is the measurement of the number of times that a repeated event occurs per unit of time. We know frequency is measured in Hertz(Hz). So if Sound travel more than 20,000 Hz, we wont be able to hear it and we call it Ultrasonic waves. But if sound travel less than 20 Hz we wont hear it and we call it Infrasonic waves. We Humans are not capable of hearing these sounds, but some animals are capable of hearing it. For example: We sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, because of the barking of our neighbours dog. You might think what disturbed. There are ultrasonic waves which we cant hear but heard by the dog, which disturbed it.

Hope you understood about infrasonic and ultrasonic. A like will be appreciated.
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ultrasonic and infrasonic
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