Type of pronoun homework

Type of pronoun homework Grammar Write for personal. J. took •t the highlighted pronouns and state their types. for possessiu-•. tar demonstratisc. and R for reflexive pronouns. Nikhil his sister the pen for it bclongcd to her. b' He pointed in the distance and said. •Those are my fields. • Thc dog was looking at itself in the mirror d) She was waiting tbr those birds to appear but they did not. Daman held up rhe pyjamas and said to Ali. 'Are these yours? t) Thar riddle you asked me was tough, but I have found the answer. g) Rupali stepped out onto her balcony and saw the children play in the garden with toys that Were theirs. h) Gunian and Manu will have to do this work themselves. know a pronoun always refers co a noun or another pronoun. The noun or prom ers to is known as its antecedent. For example, in the first sentence of the above

You can do it yourself
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