u r the member of environment club of ur school . u visited a few places of historical interests .u realize that it is the need of the hour to protect our environment as well as those monuments . write letter to the editor to create awareness among the people in this regard .(150 words)

Here is a sample letter for your reference:


The Editor

“Delhi Daily”

Park Street,

New Delhi-20.

Date: 09th November'11


Subject: Awareness in the nation about deterioration of environment and national monuments.

Our nation needs a wake up call for this letter is an appeal of the entire nation who are just taking a lot of time to realise the danger which the nature in future holds for the generations to come. I would like to attract people's attention to the fact on how the forest cover of our country has decreased immensely in the bygone years. Establishment of industries and metropolitan cities have left no space for forests to flourish and brighten our nature. Another point which needs to be taken into consideration is the harm being caused to the national monuments of our country. People visit such historical places, being least bothered about the history of the place, scatter things and pollute the environment with things, noise, etc. They seem no less than a group of monkeys out for a picnic. This is very degrading as far as our cultural ethics or our knowledge on the subject is concerned. It is high time now, else our children and their generations to follow would suffer a lot.

Yours faithfully,

Amrita Hazra.


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