Under what pretext did the British annex
i) Awadh
ii) jhansi

The follwoing points  may help you:

a. As company expanded its control, many Indian rulers were discontented with the policies of the Company.

b. The annexation of Awadh  was on the pretext of mis governance.

a.Rani Laxmi Bai emerged as great warrior during the First war of Independence, who relentlessly fought against the British
b Lord Dalhousie policy of Doctrine of Lapse by which states of the Hindu princes were taken over in the absence of natural heirs created dissatisfaction among the Indian rulers.
c. Rani lakshmi bai wanted her adopted son to be recognised as the heir to Jhansi after the death of her husband.
Refusal on part of the company to recognise Rani Laksmi Bai's adopted son, made her rebel against the British,
e. The British took over control of Jhansi.

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