Underline Puns and explain them

Underline Puns and explain them WORKSHEET 2 the puns in these sentences and Underline 1. Celebrities like hot weather because they have fans surrounding them. 2. It is pointless to write with a broken pencil. 3. I could never understand how lightning worked until one day it struck me. 4. He lost his left arm in an accident. He is all right now. 5. He was considered to be a good doctor until he lost patients. 6. My Maths book has too many problems. 7. The thief became a hardened criminal when he fell into wet concrete. tent A.ssessment Criteria

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B. 1. fan - 'fan' means admirers, but here the word has been used to mean 'blower' or 'cooler' for the sake of humour.
2. pointless - 'pointless' means useless, but here the word means that a broken pencil can not mark a point
3. struck - 'struck' means hit, however, here the word has been used to mean, until one day the idea hit him, or he suddenly understood how lightning worked.
4. right - since he has lost his left hand, so he now has only one hand - the right hand. But the word also suggests, that he is fine now.
5. lost - the word has two meanings, because many patients died and also because patients stopped coming to his clinic.
6. problems - again, two meaning - mathematical problems and also may be some other writing problems
7. hardened - the concrete has solidified him, and also he has become strong


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what is puns?///////////////
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1. celebrities 2. Pointless 3. Lightning 4. Left 5. Lost 6. Problems 7. Hardened :))🙂 Hope it might help
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