Underline subordinate clauses in the following sentences and state whether they are Noun Clauses, Adjective Clauses or Adverb Clauses:
  1. A strange thing happened when I was twelve.  _______
  2. She was hardly inside the house before the children started screaming. _______
  3. As soon as she agreed to marry him, she started having serious doubts. _______
  4. You will get to speak English more easily as time goes by. _______
  5. I don’t know how we are going to get over the river. _______
  6. I didn’t have much time to talk to her because I was leaving for England in two hours. _______
  7. I’m going to be working all day tomorrow, so I won’t have time to shop. _______
  8. If I ever find the person who did that, I’ll kill him. _______
  9. You may sit wherever you like. _______
  10. She was speaking so softly that I couldn’t hear her at all. _______
  11. Will you wait till I come? _______
  12. Take a lamp because the night is dark. _______
  13. She tells me a tale that sounds untrue. _______
  14. He died in the village where he was born. _______
  15. I think that he will pass. _______

Dear Student,
Given below are some of the answers. Do the rest on your own for the purpose of practise.
  1. when I was twelve - adverb clause
  2. before the children started screaming - adverb clause
  3. as soon as she agreed - adverb clause
  4. as time goes by - adverb clause
  5. I don't know - noun clause
  6. because I was leaving for England in two hours - adverb clause
  7. so I won't have time to shop - adverb clause
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