underline the conjunctions in the following sentence
A. The children went swimming although it was raining.
B. The baby played until it fell asleep.
C. The nurse opened the window and let some fresh air into the suffocating waiting room .
D. The salesman bought some snacks as he was hungry .
E. Since it was raining , I decided to stay indoors and watch movie .
F. Although the soldiers knew that it was difficult to win against the enemy,he did not giveup.
G. Neither the basketball team nor football team performed well in the competition .
H. He is upset becausehe didn't win

Dear Student,

1. although
2. until
3. and
4. as
5. since, and
6. although

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A. although
B. until
C. and
D. as
E. and
F. although
G. neither
H. because
I hope that this will help you
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