Unseen Passage ....please solve fast

Unseen Passage ....please solve fast 8. 5. valuable that front life is weaknesses (c) never lose hope up if doimposgil*lc things. people won't noticcyou 'the last parAxrnph shows that Masud (n) bclicvcs most rcoplcnrc physically challcrwd (b) makes fun of thcsocallcd normal people (c) hasa very positive attitude tolife (d) isunrcalisticnndoverconfidcnt What makes both Navin and Masud truly extraordinary, is that they (a) turned their opportunities (b) spent time in hospitals (c) havedonc adventurous things (d) have broken many records On the basis Of your reading Of the passage, answer thefollowing questions briefly. (a) (b) (c) (d) How was Navin Gulia 's dream to be a defence officer shattered? What was N avin•s old passion? How did he revive it? What does Navin think of difficulties in life? What difficulty did Masudur Rahman face in learning to swim after the amputation? How did he overcome it? How, according to Masudur Rahman, can people with difficulties do Ex•tter than normal people?

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