**URGENT**I have asked same before but my query is not solved se q..In correlation page no. 332 of tr Jain question no. 6 in Q. it has been asked about coefficient of correlation but in the ans they have given rank correlation and I can find out in all other questions it is clearly mention to find coefficient of correlation or rank correlation so are we finding rank correlation? why does this happen?we are not finding coefficient of correlation?we are finding rank correlation?

Please don't get bother, it is a mistake in the question, since it means coefficient of correlation as rank correlation. However, the different names as mentioned by me in the earlier thread remain the same. 

However, at a macro level, the value of Karl Pearson's coefficient of correlation and that of Spearman's negligibly differs. So, it is not a matter of concerns for Statistician when they play with the real-life data. Precisely, we have a general line of difference between the two- while the former is used for quantitative observations the latter is used for qualitative observations.

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