Please solve the given debates.

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Kindly find below the different view points possible in the debate topics given.


Views in support of capital punishment:
1. Closure for the victims' families - if somebody has lost their loved one, they might feel better if the one who murdered him/her also loses their life.
2. Punishment in proportion to the crime - This is related to the proverb "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." For a person who has done a major crime, spending a life in prison at the expense of the government may not be what they deserve. 
3. Deterrence - logically, more people should be deterred from committing a major crime fearing capital punishment. 

Views against capital punishment:
1. Issues with morality -  Do we as humans have the right to end somebody else's life? All life is to be considered holy so the people carrying out the execution can also be considered murderers themselves. 
2. Against deterrence - there is no statistical evidence that capital punishment reduces major crimes. People who commit murders are mostly sociopathic deviants who don't fear much. 
3. Quality of attorneys used - this may seem irrelevant but it is the bare truth that much of a court's verdict depends on how well or how badly a lawyer presents the evidence in his/her case. This may result in a serious criminal escaping capital punishment while somebody less deserving may get it. This questions the fairness of imposing capital punishment.


Views in support of TV viewing:
1. Entertainment - Children can be kept occupied when bored with television programmes. 
2. Education - There are several good channels with high quality programmes and videos that improve a child's language and other skills. 
3. Exposure - TV viewing can give the child a lot of good exposure to various cultures, languages and even animals, birds and people they haven't seen before.
4. Improving creativity - Bright colours and listening to different stories can improve a child's creativity and expand his imagination. 

Views against TV viewing:
1. Delayed speech - Children who watch TV for long periods of time from a very young age may not start speaking at an early age.
2. Addiction - Children can easily get addicted to watching TV and may throw tantrums when denied it.
3. Lack of physical activity - may lead to childhood obesity and associated problems 
4. Lack of mental development - Children may get educated about many things through the TV but lack of other life experiences like reading, painting, sports etc. may curb their mental development. 
5. Exposure to unsuitable things - If parents don't monitor their children's screen time, they may get exposed to content that is not suited for their age. 


Views in support of commercialisation
1. More capital - to support sports persons in their training, diet etc, to improve sports venues and arenas and to advance training facilities
2. Brings more visibility to amateur sports 
3. Higher quality of performance - because of the high stakes involved

View against commercialisation:
1. Sports people are treated as commodities to be sold and bought. Their privacies have no value any more. 
2. Corruption levels are high in sports so it stands to question whether the money reaches the right hands. Gambling is also rampant in sports because of the huge amounts of money involved.
3. The spirit of sportsmanship is lost. These days, there is no healthy competition, only a do-or-die attitude.The fun aspect of sports has been taken away. 

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