Use correct tenses

Use correct tenses (name) Arthur J. Burks who boasted that he could take any Object and make a ston out Of it. An interviewer for Reader's Digest once tested him by' (point) to door-knob. Burks went into a trance and ...3.... (come) up with the plot for a (detect) story ...5.... (feature) a cache of stolen diamonds ....6.... (hide) in the h0110bs interior of the knob. The ....7.--- (interview) tiptoed away as the slow tap-tap of Burks typewriter became ....8..., (increase) noisy, high speed clatter. 4. 8. 5. Fill in each blank with an appropriate word: 1- c*ficer was rewarded 2 Principal will preside . his hard work. the meeting. their ignorance.

I wish I blank do it to this
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