Use Present Participles to join the foll. sentences into one:

1. It was a rainy day. We had to stay indoors

2. The thief saw the policemen. He took to his heels.

3. The tap is leaking. Get a plumber to fix it.

4. He laughs. He cannot help it.

5. The hunter took the aim. He fired at the tiger

6. I got wet. I was standing in the rain

7. Look at the sun it is setting behind the trees..

plZz.. tell the answer... plzz..

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He laughs.he can not help it

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He laughs . He cannot help it
  • 2
He cannot help him as he laughs
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As the tap is leaking get the plumber to fix it
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Taking the aim the hunter fired at the tiger
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Who was standing in the rain I got wet
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While I was standing in the rain i got wet
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