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Purchases Rs 80,000, Opening Stock Rs 30,000, Cash Sales Rs 75,000 and Credit Sales Rs 45,000

Calculate the closing stock if the rate of gross profit on cost is3313%.
this question is given in study material of meritnation but i am not ubderstanding that.please explain me deeply.

Gross profit on cost 33.33% means  25%gross profit on sales(33.33/133.33X100) so Gross profit( =1,20,000(total sales)X25/100=30,000
Cost of goods sold = Net sales-Gross profit So   Cost of Goods sold =1,20,000-30,000 = 90,000(Cost of goods sold)
Cost of Good sold=Opening stock+Net purchase- closing stock (put the value in this formula)     
    90000               =         30000    +  80000        - closing stock
closing stock       =         30000     +80,000 -90,000
closing stock  =  20,000 

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