Using mathematical induction prove 2.3+3.4+4.5+..upto n terms = n (n^2+6n+11)/3.

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We have 2.3+3.4+4.5+...Clearly nth term will be n+1n+2Pn: 2.3+3.4+4.5+...+n+1n+2=nn2+6n+113Step 1: Base CaseFor n=12.3=11+6+113=1836=6Hence Pn is true for n=1Step 2: Inductive HypothesisLet Pn be true for n=k2.3+3.4+4.5+...+k+1k+2=kk2+6k+113 ;iStep 3: Inductive CaseConsider2.3+3.4+4.5+...+k+1k+2+k+1+1k+1+2=kk2+6k+113+k+2k+3 Using i=kk2+6k+113+k2+5k+6=k3+6k2+11k+3k2+15k+183=k3+6k2+11k+3k2+15k+1+11+63=k3+1+3k2+3k+6k2+12k+6+11k+113=k3+13+3k2+3k+6k2+2k+1+11k+13=k+13+6k+12+11k+13=k+1k+12+6k+1+1132.3+3.4+4.5+...+k+1k+2+k+1+1k+1+2=k+1k+12+6k+1+113Hence Pn is true for n=k+1Since Pn is true for n=1 and assumption of truth for n=k, gives us the resultthat Pn is also true for n=k+1.Hence by Principal of mathematical induction Pn is true for all nN

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