using the clues and write the conjunction

using the clues and write the conjunction Solve the crossword puzzle on Conjunctions using the clues given below: 1. I could have skipped the meeting, 2. My grandmother was very loving I decided to attend it. strict. Down 1. We can't go out 2. They haven't decided we finish all the chores. they want to adopt a dog or a cat. 3. house. 4. you decide to visit Chennai anytime soon, drop by my I woke up late today, didn't have breakfast. 5. The shop had yellow umbrellas they all got sold out. 111. Choose the correct antonyms of the underlined words from the given options: I. The officer exaqqerate< the damage caused by the rowdies. (10x1=10]

Dear Student,

Across - 
1. Nevertheless
2. Yet

Down - 
1. Unless
2. Whether
3. Should
4. Since
5. But


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