v ector 127 A man can swim at the rate of 4 km.h-l in still nter. At What should the man Set himself relative to the current 2 • to the river perpendicular to [HS(XI) A river is 150 m Wide and has a current Of m s—l. A moving directly across the river at a speed of 2 m s-l. How [9001 what is the — cm•s-l e and then re• Find the 1b cose m I and finally m the orig- 10m west' e Of magni- itude of the . 25 dynl and north- ie forces by . the northl ed to each men is oint. mak- '4.51 dynl to move ticany $8.57 N I other car •locity Of the wet] appar- ing hori- IHS '041 IS. 16. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. long will the boat take to cross the river? 175s1 17. A boat is moving at 12 km • h-i trmards north and anoth« boat is moving at 1244 km towards north-west. Find the relative Vdocity of the second boat With to the 12 km • Low•ards w•tl A ship is moving at 40 km • proceeding south at 30 h -l . Find the relative velocity of the second with respect to the first. 150 km • h-l . inclined towards east making an angle tan-1 With the southl From the top Of a tower, two particles are dropped at an inter- val of 2 s. Find the relative velocity and relative accderation of the particles during the fall. Acceleration due to gravity —g cm.s-2. crn•s-l , 01 In a harbour. Wind is at the speed Of 72 km • the flag on the mast of a boat anchored in the harbour flutters along the N-E direction. Ifthe boat starts moving at a sp«f of 51 km • h-L to the north. What Will be the Of on the mast of the boat? INCERTI ieast (approx)l To a cyclist moving at 5 m • s-l , rain appears to be falling tically at a veltxity 5 m • . Find the actual magnitl& direction of the velocity of rain. m •s-l , 450 the verticall A river 1 km wide is flowing at 3 km • h-l . A swimmer whog: velocity in still water is 4 km • h-l can swim only 15 min- utes. In what direction should he strike-out in order to reach opposite bank in 15 minutes? What total distance he (at right angle to the flow of water; I .25 km I A boat which has a speed of 5 km h-l in still water crosses a river of width 1 along the shortest possible path in 15 13 km• h-ll minutes. What is the velocity of river water? An aeroplane is flying eastward with a speed of km • h-l Wind in blowing southward with a speed of 100 km • h-l . Cal- curate the and direcü)n Of the With 1608.28 km• at 9028' south of east) to the ground. • Based on Multiplication of Vectors If and a b • c, What is the angle between vectors and and —3i•2j are Find the the two

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