Value system in India has reached its optimum levelValue system in India has reached its optimum level

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'Value system in India has reached its optimum level'


-morality and ethics are not top priority anymore

-fierce competition in our professional lives dictates that values take a back seat

-value systems have run their course because the family as a unit is dissolving

-values are also imparted at school which has become a neglected area nowadays because moral education is seldom incorporated into the ambit of mainstream learning

-there is no strong support structure to facilitate the continuation of society that is value based



-one should not dismiss it so soon because values are imbibed and as long as there are people in society,these values are going to evolve and grow as time progresses

-values are also a product of the cultural ethos of that time, hence there is always room for development

-the value system is perhaps required now more than ever because of the exceptionally trying times that one has to live through in the age of extreme competition and constant technological onslaught

-the Indian social scene has an intrinsic relationship with the value system which is integral to its functioning

-spiritual and moral education is at the core of Indian society hence, the value system will always flourish

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