Veins have valves which allow blood to flow only in one direction. Arteries don't have valves. Yet the blood flow in one direction only. Can you explain why?experts please help

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because viens carry blood to heart with low pressure so blood can come back so that's why it has valves to prevent this and in arteries which carry blood from heart don't have valves because blood coming out of heart is in high pressure that's why there are no chances of bood coming back 

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because they r veins
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Veins have valves to prevent blood from flowing backwards and pooling, whereas arteries pump blood at higher pressures, which naturally prevents backflow. Veins need valves to keep blood flowing in one direction because the flow is less constant; the flow in arteries is constant and requires artery walls to be more flexible and strong enough to accommodate the high pressures.
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Veins have valves because blood flows with less pressure and there are chances that it comes back.  Thus to prevent blood from coming back it has valves whereas in arteries blood flows at high pressure so it won't come back.  Thus, it doesn't have valves.
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