vidisha placed a copper wire in silver nitrate solution. After sometimes she noticed that the colour of the wire and solution changed. What did she observed?

a-the colour of the solution turns blue and precipitate of solid silver is obtained.

b-colour of solution turns green and copper wire turns blue.

c-there is no change in the colour of the solution or colour of the wire.

d-colour of the solution becomes silver and there is no changein the colour of the copper wire.

answer the question and explain.

The answer given by your friend is correct. Kindly refer to him.

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The silver nitrate is in solution and the metallic copper will dissolve to form copper nitrate; as it does so, the silver in solution will be precipitated out as metallic silver. That is, the silver in solution is exchanged for copper and the copper that is not in solution is substituted for silver. The colour will change to blue.

Hence your answer is A (Answer )

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