1. Vikram wishes to fit 3 rods together in the shape of a right triangle .The hypotenuse is to be 2cm longer than the base and 4cm longer than the altitude .Form an equation to find the length of the smallest rod.


2.If the price of the book is reduced by Rs 5 , a person can buy 5 more books for Rs 300.Find the original list price of the book .

3.  Without finding the roots comment on the nature of the following quadratic equation-

9a2b2x2 -48abcdx +64c2d2 =0  where 'a' and 'b'  are not equal to zero.

4.  Divide 16 into two parts such that twice the square of the larger part exceeds the square of the smaller part by 164..

Can any one solve these sums plz!!!!.... 

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Here is the answer to your question.


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  1.  x - y = 2   x = length of base & y = length of altitude. 
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2.  Rs. 65 

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 3.  from discriminent, (48abcd)2-4*9a2b2*64c2d2


                                     =0,  therefore given equation has equal roots.

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can u plz solve it in detail?

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can u plz solve it in detail?!!!!

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 Let the two part are x & 16-x where small is x & larger is 16-x

A/c,    2(16-x)2=x2+164







       ( x-58)(x-6)=0

Either x-58=0  or                   x-6=0

           x=58 (impossible),  x=6

Hence the parts are 6 & 16-6=10

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 2.     Let the original price be  x Rs.

A/c    5(x-5)=300


        5x = 325

         x= 325/5

         x =65

Therefor, original price be 65Rs

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