Visit a farm, nursery or a garden near by. Gather information about -

  • importance of seed selection
  • method of irrigation
    • Effect of extreme cold and extreme hot weather on theplants.
    • Effect of continuous rain on the plants
    • Fertilizers/ Manure used.

 (i)Seed selection is important as it gives farmers a high yield of crops..........(ii)The method of irrigation depends upon their costs,avability of water in their fields.If the farmer has sufficient money and the avability of water is poor he can water his plants with the help of a sprinkler systemor a drip system.If the farmer is poor he may water his fields with the help of moat, chainpump, dhekli, or rahat...........(iii) If there is extreme hot and cold weather then the farmer has to face loss.............(iv) Continous rain also effects the plants....................

(v)Fertilisers such as Ammonium chloride, Ammonium sulphate, CAN, DAP, NP/NPK complexes etc.They dig vegetable, fruit peels etc and leave them for a few days to make manure.

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+ Seed Selection is very Important because if a farmer didnot select good quality seeds there would not be a good yield of crops. If damaged seed is planted in a field no plant would grow and there wouldn't be any produce from that seed. Therefore it is important to separate good quality seed from the damaged ones........
+ Method of Irrigation: Methods of Irrigation are of two types. This depend on the irrigation method cost. 
1. Traditional Methods of Irrigation : Like Rahat, Dhekli, Chain pump, Moat
2. Modern Methods of Irrigation: Sprinkler system, Drip System

+ Plants grow on their climatic conditions. Some plants like cardomon (Elaichi) mainly grow in East and South where as saffron mainly grew in Jammu and Kashmir. If we grow Cardomon in Jammu and Kashmir (Cold weather places) it wouldn't grow and if we grew saffron in East it wouldn't grew.
+ Continuos rain can damage the crops. Although water is very important but excessive water can damage the crops. Excessive use of any thing will lead to damage of the crops.
+ FERTILISER and MANURE are the substances which are added to field to increase its production rate. Excessive use of Fertilisers can lead to damage of crops. Fertilisers lead to many diseases including CANCER. MANURE on the other hand are very useful. It is used for:
* Enhancing water capacity of the soil.
* Defining texture of soil
* it didn't cause any diseases.
* improve fertility of soil.
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Visit a form nursery gor garden nearby gather information about unimportance of seed and section method of irrigation used an make file
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effect of extreme cold and hot weather conditions on plants.
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Gather information about (i) importance of seed selection. (ii) method of irrigation. (iii) effect of extreme cold and extreme hot weather on the plants. (iv) effect of continuous rain on the plants. (v) fertilisers/manure used. Answer: (i) Good quality seeds are essential to grow a strong and healthy crop. Also type of fruit or final pro¬duce desire depends on seed selection. (ii) Lift irrigation method Tubewell method Water wheel method Find other method yourself. (iii) In extreme cold weather, water inside the plants will freeze and cells will burst from the expansion of water. Ultimately the plants will die. In extreme hot weather, the plant will loose more water than it absorb. So plant will die of wilting. (iv) If plant grows in well drained field, there is no problem, as there is no water logging. In case if continuous rain causes water logging, the root system gets damaged, as the rain blocks the pores of soil and the root of plant will not be able to take proper oxygen. So it will cause death of the plant. The continuous rain may also affect the leaves as they get torn and damaged.
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