Voice change :

1. The stranger made an attempt to break into the house.

2. The student was told to leave the room.

3. You will be asked to deliver the letters.

4. The student have been told to organise the programme.

5. The thief was beaten up by the mob.

6,. Your sister is welll known to my mother.

7. I know that he did the work.

8. He is expected soon.

9. They were cleaning the floor earlier today.

10. Are they meeting him at the airport?

Dear student,

We attend to thousands of queries and due to paucity of time, it sometimes becomes difficult to cater to all the queries.

Here are answers to few of them:


1. An attempt was made by the stranger to break into the house.

5. The mob beat up the thief.

6,. My mother knows your sister well..

8. We are expecting him soon..

9. The floor was being cleaned by them earlier today.

10. Is he being met by them at the airport?

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