v​What do ‘cry’ genes in Bacillus thuringiensis code for ? State its
importance for cotton crop.

The cry genes in the ​Bacillus thuringiensis code for a crystal protein that is an inactive form of toxin. This inactivated toxin gets activated in the gut of insect due to alkaline pH.
  • Inactivated toxinActivated toxin (gut of insect)

  • Activated toxin binds to the epithelial cells in the midgut of insect and creates pores that cause lyses and swelling and eventually death of insect.

  • Cry genes are introduced into the cotton plants to produce Bt cotton, which is an insect resistant variety of cotton.

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cry genes code for the insecticidal protein.it is this protein that kills the pests by getting activated in the body of pests due to favourable conditions
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