waht are ten uses of microorganisms.

Uses of microorganisms:-

1. Some microorganisms are used for making food products like yeast is used for making beer, bread, wine and vinegar.

2. Fungi like mushrooms are used as a food in many parts of the world.

3. Microorganisms are used in the industries as a source of useful enzymes like lipases and proteases. 

4. Microorganism are used for producing vaccines.

5. Microorganisms  can utilize the elemental forms, many essential nutrients and bring it to the utilizable form for many organisms in the environment. Like nitrogen is fixed by certain bacteria for the plants.

6. Microorganisms are also used in ointments and cosmetics.

7. Microorganisms are used for producing vitamin B12 which is essential for humans as their body cannot make it.

8. Microorganisms produce some amino acids (glutamic acid, lysine, Citric acid) that can be used in preservation of food.

9. Microorganisms are also used in flavoring cheese.

10. Microorganism also help in making soil fertile.

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  • Human being use microbes or products derived from them everyday. A common example is the production of curd from milk. Micro-organisms such as Lactobacillus and other commonly called lactic acid bacteria (LAB) grow in milk and convert it to curd. During growth, the LAB produce acids that coagulate and partially digest the milk proteins. A small amount of curd added to the fresh milk as inoculate or starter contain millions of LAB, which at suitable temperatures multiply, thus converting milk to curd, which also improves its nutritional quality by increasing vitamin B12.

  • In human stomach, the LAB play very beneficial role in checking disease causing microbes.

  • The dough, which is used for making foods such as dosa and idli is also fermented by bacteria.The puffed-up appearance of dough is due to the production of CO2 gas.the dough, which is used for making bread, is fermented using baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

  • A number of traditional drinks and foods are also made by fermentation by the microbes. ‘Toddy’, a traditional drink of some parts of southern India is made by fermenting sap from palms.

  • Microbes are also used to ferment fish, soyabean and bambooshoots to make foods.

  • Cheese, is one of the oldest food items in which microbes were used. Different varieties of cheese are known by their characteristic texture, flavour and taste, the specificity coming from the microbes used. For example, the large holes in ‘Swiss cheese’ are due to production of a large amount of CO2 by a bacterium named Propionibacterium sharmanii. The ‘Roquefort cheese’ are ripened by growing a specific fungi on them, which gives them a particular flavour.

  • Microbes especially yeasts have been used from time immemorial for the production of beverages like wine, beer, whisky, brandy or rum. For this purpose the same yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae used for bread-making and commonly called brewer’s yeast, is used for fermenting malted cereals and fruit juices, to produce ethanol

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1.making humus

2.making curd

3.making bread

4.making vaccines

5.making food supplements

6.making antacids

sory not remembering more.

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 Thaey r used 4 making Alcohol.                   2. Making Curd            3. making medicines           4.sum of them also fight against the diseases

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1-Microorganisms helps us in making alchol.2- Microorganisms helps us in bakery.3-Microorganisms us in making medicines.4-Microorganisms us in making curd.5- Microorganisms fix atmospheric nitrogen ( NO2 ) to the soil.6- Microorganisms helps us in resarching on diseases.7- Microorganisms replinsh the soil.

sorry I can tell you 7.

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