Was Hitler a good dictator ? If yes then give the reason to support your answer.

Dear Student,
Hitler was not a good leader for Germany. The German people elected Hitler so that he could restore German national pride and revive the German economy following the Great Depression.

The initial steps taken by Hitler such as infrastructure building and currency stabilization did succeed in restoring the health of the German economy. But from the very beginning, Hitler's main objective of rebuilding the German economy was to make the country ready for war so that he could fulfil his ambition of conquering Europe. Hitler launched a series of aggressive foreign policy steps which after some initial success in adding to German territory, plunged Germany into a war with all the other major powers of the world. Due to Hitler's blundering policies, Germany found herself at war with the USA, USSR and Britain. Defeat for Germany was inevitable. Germany was destroyed in the Second World War. After the war, the country was occupied by the victorious powers. Germany was divided into two parts and was only reunified in 1989.
Along with defeat and destruction in war, Hitler's policies also brought eternal shame to Germany. Hitler followed a policy of mass murder of people like the Jews he considered unfit to live. Millions of people were killed by the German government under the leadership of Hitler. The German people still haven't recovered from the shame and guilt of the monstrous barbarities that were inflicted in their name. They, therefore, regard Hitler as a terrible leader who not only destroyed their country but also turned Germans into instruments to carry out his inhuman policies.  

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