was the road "frost" had taken easy to travel?

yes, he choosed the secoond road because its equally beautiful but grassy and wanted wear

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No the road taken by Frost as not easy to travel .The second road is more uncertain,uneasy and less comfortable as compared to the first road .It full of fear,excitement and curiosity .It provides a chance to try different things .

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no it was the difficult road/path. In this poem, the poet talks to us about the realities of his own lifewhich he had faced.

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No, the road he had taken was not easy to travel. That road was not travelled by anyone for a long time. It was grassy and needed frequent use. The underline meaning of the lines is that when a person chooses a profession which many dont opt to, the initials will have a lot of difficulties but in the end it will be fruitful.

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