Wasn't the first herbarium made by an Italian botanist Luca Ghuni?
Q.2) Which biologist made the first herbarium?
A) Haeckel
B) Linnaeus
C) Caesalpino
D) de Candolle

Dear student,
Answer is C). Cesalpino. First herbarium was made by Luca Ghani but later on his student Cesalpino also made his own herbarium. So according to the option the answer is Cesalpino.


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Yes the first herbarium was made by Luca Ghuni . Actually Caesalpino helped Luca succeed in his work.
In his works he classified plants according to their fruits and seed .He succeeded Luca Ghini as director of the botanical garden in Pisa.Luca Ghuni was his teacher. The right answer is of course Luca but according to the options given in the question its Caesalpino.

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 this is nonsense. ..question may be fine but the options are not...changing the truth
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