​Wasn't trinomial nomenclature introduced by Linnaeus only? iPad 11:49 PM a meritnation.com Biodiversity and Biological Classification Q 8) Indian crow is scientifically named Co,'vus splendens splendens. This type of nomenclature was given by A) Linnaeus B) Lamarck C) de Candolle D) E. Mayr Solution:- Right answer Strength-o-meter 89 /100 Attempted 10/10 This kind of nomenclature involving three names is called trinomial nomenclature. It was given by Lamarck. Biodiversity and Biological Classification Characteristics Of Living Things We Often say that plants, animals, and microorganisms are living things. How can we say whether a thing is living or non-living? Which characteristics of living things classify them as living? The various characteristics of living things are: All living things are made up of cells....

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No, trinomial nomenclature was given by Lamarck. 

In biology, trinomial nomenclature is used to name subspecies. Trinomial nomenclature refers to "three-part description" that is each name has three parts.​

  • The first part is the genus name,
  • The second part is the species name
  • The third part is the subspecies name.
​Linnaeus gave binomial nomenclature.

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