Wat can I choose the combination after 10th class pleaspleasesuggest Me

Dear student,

Based on your areas of interest and the stream in which you would like to pursue a career, you can opt for subject combinations like:
  1. Science (Maths + Biology); if you wish to appear for both medical as well as engineering exams.
  2. Science (Maths + Computer Science); if you wish to pursue a career in engineering field
  3. Science (Biology + Physical Education); if you wish to become a doctor, researcher, scientist
  4. Science (Maths + Economics); if you wish to pursue engineering or a degree/ doctorate in economics
  5. Science (Maths + Engineering Drawing); if you wish to pursue a career in architecture
These are a few options available to students who take up Science, but the optional subjects can vary from school to school. Similarly, there are options in Commerce and Humanities field as well. Students usually take up Commerce if they wish to pursue a career in finance & accounting or obtain a degree in Bachelors/ Masters/ Doctorate degree in Commerce, CA, CS, etc.

Thus, it is requested that you understand your area of interest and the subject choices available to you.



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bio maths you can take .because other are not suitable  for many of them. it will make you to get job earlier
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Maths if u like it or else Bio, Commerce also has good scope. But it depends more on ur interest. If u want to run from Maths then its not possible because physics involve a lot of maths calculations. After all it's ir own wish about the field u wanna work in future...
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Its your choice in which subject do you more interest take that subject and pls dont choose such you are not interested but choose for the happiness of your parents.
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u can choose the stream which ur interested the most ... its cumpltlly ur wish ...
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getting a job isn't the point. you have to follow your heart. if ur heart is not in ur job then u will do nothing properly. of course, I'm not saying that u should not take advice but take it from someone who knows u well and cares abt u like ur parents.
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