wat r catalytic converters

  • Catalytic converters are used in automobiles for reducing emission of harmful gases.
  • They have expensive metals like Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium as catalysts.
  • Unburnt hydro carbons are converted into carbon di oxide and water and carbon monoxide changed into carbon and nitric oxide changed into nitrogen gas as the exhaust passes through the catalytic convertor.  
  • Vehicles fitted with catalytic converter should use unleaded petrol only.
  • Since leaded petrol inactivates the catalyst, therefore vehicles should use unleaded petrol.


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 Catalytic converters are converters in the cars and some other vehicles using unleaded pertrol. The converters use Pt-Pd, Rd as catalysts. Unleaded petrol is used as lead reduces the property of catalysts.

In the converters the following conversions takes place:

1) Unburnt hydrocarbons are converted into CO2 and H2O.

2) CO->CO2

3) HNOto N2

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 Its HNO3

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