Water is call the elixir of life but it is faster becoming a scarce commodity in the century on information and 
technology.The problem has been compounded as so few water resources have been explored and developed. The centre and states has been addressing these serious problem and effectivly

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Incorrect   correct
1. call       called
2. faster   fast
3. the        this
4. on        of
5. so         very
6. has been    have been
7. these        this
8. and          but


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5)a) large largest
b) were was
c)on for
d) it's its
e)high highly
f)call called
g)and their*
h) an the
*not sure
hope it helps:)
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6)a)call called
b)faster fast
c)on of
e)being been
f)has have
g)these this
h)and but
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(a)called in the place of call (b)fast in the place of faster (c)of in the place of on (d)had in the space of has (e)been in the place of being (f)have in the place of has (g)this in the place of these (h)but in the place ofand
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