water should not be thrown over a fire caused by petrol?

Water should not be thrown on fire caused by oil/petrol/gasoline etc because they are lighter than water so they continues to float over water hence continues to burn. So rather than controlling the fire it will spread the fire.

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yes because petrol being lighter will float on the water and spreads and will catch more fire.we an instead use sand to extinguish oil fire.

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water is heavier than petrol n thus.sinks downn the petrol floats on the top

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We should not throw water on fire caused by petrol because the petrol is heavier than water so itwill start floating on it and spread all over (Remember water is beneath the buning petrol so it would not estinguished) and case a very dangerous site therefore we should not extinguish petrol fire by water

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we know that density of water is greater than that of oil,So,if we pour water on fire caused by petrol,then the water sinks down,petrol floats on top and the fire is not extinguished.

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