We all have different feelings. We all have different attractions. But still having a relation with the same gender in our country is illegal. Do u think it is fair?? Express your views.

Dear Student,
Given below are few points that justify my opinion on the topic.
  • Relationships between the same gender and sex is prohibited for varied reasons.
  • First of all, all creatures (includes human beings and animals) were created to grow and regenerate on the earth.
  • Unless there is regeneration, the life of all creatures would come to a standstill.
  • If regeneration ought to happen, the male sex and the female sex have to come together.
  • Also, it is the law of nature for opposite sex to be attracted to each other and to reproduce in this manner.
  • Looking at our country, we hold values and traditions that are based on virtues. Therefore, this does not fall into the 'norm'.
  • All religions emphasise on family relationships and this is highlighted through two people of different sex.
  • Therefore, for various reasons, the relationship shared between people of two different sexes is illegal and immoral.
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Thank you.

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Its not fair at all to declare such thing illegal.The best part about having a relation with a person of same gender is that we can share our feelings more easily and other person can understand our feelings in a better way and being of same gender can help us in many ways to get out of the problem.
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