we Cant see miCro organisms through naked eyes but how Can we see bread moulds fungi and algae through naked eyes???  also if we see bread moulds through a magnifying glass we Can easily see its parts how is it Called a miCro organism if is not miCrosCopiC ????

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Microorganisms, like bacteria or virus they generally are very small i.e. the bacteria ranges from a of 0.2 - 2 micrometers in diameters, which means we require a high magnification power to visualise them. Similarly, viruses ranges from 20 to 300 nanometers. But some algae and fungi (mushrooms, bread mould) are big enough to be seen with the naked eyes as their size is from 40 m to up to a height of 200 m and 2 - 10 micron and to several centimetres in case of fungi. There are certain algae and fungi which cannot be seen by naked eye. Therefore, they are also kept in microorganisms. 

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because a single bacterium or fungus cannot be seen by naked eyes but fungi and bacteria are visible through naked eyes  because they occur in groups
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there is a difference between microorganisms and microscopic all micro organisms are not microscopic but all microSCOPIC are microorganisms. Hope it help you bye
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