"We have all a great deal to reproach ourselves with."Why did M. Hamel blame the parents and himself too for not showing due attention and care to the learning of French?

M. Hamel believed that students alone were not responsible for not being well versed in their native language. Neither students nor parents understood the significance of knowing their language. The students were busy in playing and their parents somehow wanted to make more money by putting their children on farms. Even he himself did not give as much importance to learning as it demanded. He took a leave whenever he wanted to go fishing without caring about the class. Nobody was anxious about learning French when it was readily available. That is why he argued that they all have a great deal to reproach themselves with.

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 when the order comes frm the germans to stop the teaching of french, many people become sad and pity for not learning french when they got the chance...franz was one such boy who didnt like studying french language...but when he came to know of the order he felt sad and hard to give up french...M. hamel always used to make franz water his plants and used to give him holiday whenever he wanted to go for fishing instead of making franz learn his languge...his parents also used to be never serious 

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